1. Take drugs regularly

2. Consult a Nephrologists

3. Reduce weight

4. Less salt

Dialysis Registry Of Pakistan Contact List (Downlowed Pdf)

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The Kidney Foundation

The Kidney Foundation was established In 1996 by a group of people namely late (Justice) Dorab Patel, Dr. Prof. Atta-Ur-Rahman, Justice (R) S. A. Sarwana, Late Dr. Sarwar Jahan Zubairi, Mr. Izhar Burney, renowned journalists, Prof. Dr. S. A. Jaffar Naqvi and Late A. Razzaq Tabba (A industrialist of repute).

  • Ms. Hajer

    Thanks to the entire kidney transplant team. Real for giveng a new lease of life

  • Mr. Gulistan

    Please accept my sincere thanks to the people.I will recommend that everyone gets treated here and receives extraordinary care.

  • Acute reversible kidney failure can be treated with good results in about 50% of cases, if appropriate treatment is available at the earliest the outlook has improved.

  • 2. Consult your doctor, if you have any above symptoms

  • Insist your doctor to take BP and Urine examination whenever you visit your primary physician for any illness.

  • 1

    Dialysis has to be performed until a suitable transplant is available by relative. Good dialysis ensures a good transplant result, dialysis has to be 4 hours duration and 3 times a week.

  • 2
    Diets with dialysis:

    No particular restriction. Lower fluid is restricted to 500ml to 700ml + urine output. Whatever patient wants like Citrous fruits etc. can be taken before dialysis.

  • 3

    Blood pressure drugs must be taken regularly but not on the day of dialysis. Blood pressure must be maintained 120/70. Pre and Post dialysis pressure should be maintained at the same level.


    NIKUD has a commitment of research, so far the NIKUD is involved:


    The Kidney Foundation started screening program in the province of Sindh, where a team.


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